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Why your brand needs an Instagram video marketing strategy.

For any kind of business to grow, marketing is an essential part. When a certain brand/business gets popular with a large mass of people through marketing platforms, it tends to grow economically strong. One such marketing platform is Instagram.

Instagram is the most popular social media app used by brands and users. Almost all celebrities and artists use Instagram as a major social media platform. Nowadays, for brands and artists, Instagram plays a significant role in generating revenue from posts, even more, popular than Facebook, which has the largest user base in the world.

Having an Instagram account for brands has a more premium feel than having an account on other social media platforms. People always search for brands on Instagram whether it is local or international. If local brands and shops use Instagram then youths consider that brand as premium, modern and authentic. Instagram video marketing drives more engagement and drives more sales in their business. 

Types of Instagram video marketing :

1. Instagram stories

Instagram stories are 15 seconds videos available within 24 hours from their upload time. This is the next way after posts to drive eyes on your content, brand, etc. Hence by using the stories option, you can promote your services while keeping high engagement. You can even hire personal influencers to promote your brand too. 

Instagram Video Story

2. Instagram explores

You can even hire personal influencers to promote your brand too. Instagram feeds content in Explore according to users’ interests. Therefore, placing Video ads on Instagram explore is another great way for advertising your brand. 

3. Instagram live

Whenever a person with an Instagram account goes live, then they can share their real-time life events with their followers. The number of users viewing the live video can be seen on the live screen along with some recent comets. The live video feature can also help a business in many ways in advertising.

4. Instagram reels

Instagram reels are short 15-30 seconds clips that can be of any category and can be uploaded from files or recorded from an Instagram camera. Although these take huge inspiration from TikTok, these reels can also be a very good step towards marketing and advertising the brand.

Instagram reel video

Using video marketing brands increase their sales, promote products, and maintain high engagements with customers. The right strategy helps to create more eyes, traffic, and leads. 

Among a billion active users of Instagram currently, 200 million of those check at least one business-related profile every day. This stat alone makes us aware that how strong Instagram can be in influencing audiences. 

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