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WhatsApp to increase group participant limit to 1024 people

WhatsApp messaging app is known to deliver useful timely updates to its users. With each update, the app keeps getting better and is also addressing the most common user problems related to the app.

WhatsApp group to have 1024 members

Meta’s popular messaging app WhatsApp is increasing its base user limit of groups to 1024 people. Currently, this feature is only available to a few of the users of the WhatsApp beta version. It will soon be available to all Android and iOS users. WhatsApp recently increased group chat limits to 512 members a few months back. This update comes just after it increased group call participation to 32 users along with call link features. Group chat will remain the same as now, except for the member limit. 

This decision helps businesses with broadcast communications, as they will be able to communicate with more people at the same time. This update will be fruitful where no participant response is not required. It could also be messy and annoying in some places if thousands of people will react to the same message.  

WhatsApp rival Telegram allows up to 200,000 people to the group. Businesses are already using it to inform their communities on various topics.

In future updates, company is working to add features like a list of pending group participants and a group membership approval system. The stable version is releasing soon. In the meantime, if you are looking for an alternative, you can download Telegram messaging app.

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