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Tesla may launch the PI phone (features and release date)

Tesla is looking to diversify its portfolio with their very own smartphone launch. This will open the doors for Tesla to implement and test its many futuristic plans on smartphones too. The new Tesla phone is rumored to be called the tesla model pi

The new Tesla phone targets to compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple in the smartphone market. This article will cover the most anticipated features and expected release date of the Tesla phone.

Expected and rumored features of Tesla model pi:

Phone Design: 

The design of model pi should be sturdy and the phone should be well built-in order for Tesla to compete with its other competitors. Some sources claim the phone will also have IP68 water and dust resistance. 


The Tesla model pi might feature a stunning 6.7-inch 4k OLED screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate. Moreover, rumors suggest that its pixel density will be 458ppi. The display will also support HDR10 with a peak brightness of 1600 nits.


There will be three 50-megapixel back cameras with OIS and a 40-megapixel selfie camera. The second and third lenses might be wide-angle and telephoto lenses respectively.

Battery and Storage:

The phone will have a minimum of 8 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes of internal memory as per various reports. The availability of other storage options is still unknown. The 5000mah battery will power the smartphone and the superfast charging will charge the battery in no time. According to some rumors, the phone will also support innovative solar charging(more on this topic later).

Starlink internet:

You heard it right. You can surf the internet on your phone directly from Starlink satellites in any part of the world. If this is true, this feature alone will take this phone to the next level. You won’t need to set up high devices for Starlink internet in remote places.


The phone feature to sync with your mind is another mind-blowing feature. Including these features is sure to have high sales rates for the phone. These features will not only boost the sales of phones but also help people around the world who can’t speak.  Till this point, none of the smartphone giants are near to including this feature in their own smartphones. Though it sounds futuristic, we will wait and see. 

Crypto Mining:

It is not hidden that Musk is a great fan of Cryptocurrencies. We used to see his support for Bitcoin and dogecoin on Twitter. Although it will require serious hardware, there is a rumor that Tesla’s pi phone will be mining MarsCoin

Solar charging:

We all have been using solar calculators till now. Now add smartphones to your lists. There have been many instances of not being able to charge your phone due to the unavailability of chargers in crunch situations. The solar charging feature ensures that your device can fuel its tank whenever it can access sunlight. This will blow up the smartphone market if this rumor is true.

Release date:

According to various sources and reports, the model pi might launch in late 2022 or early 2023. The exact date remains unknown. 

No smartphone brand is even close to implementing these futuristic features like Neuralink, crypto mining, and solar charging in their phones. If tesla does implement these features in model pi, then the smartphone market will be changed forever and a new age for smartphones will begin.

 It will be interesting to see Apple competing with Tesla over Electric cars and Tesla competing with Apple over smartphones.

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