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Netflix to launch cloud gaming service

Cloud gaming is getting its separate position these days. You can play AAA games from any part of the world with a good internet connection. You can play high-end games on TV and mobile without investing a large sum of money in high-end hardware. 

The gaming industry is booming these days. Netflix is joining the gaming industry with its own tactics. After trying out mobile games for a while now, Netflix is launching its own cloud gaming service. Even after the failure of Google’s popular platform Stadia, Netflix is confident to be established in this sector. Netflix thinks that it will be a “Value add” for the company and it can succeed where Google failed.

This news was revealed at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference by Mike Verdu who is currently Netflix’s vice president of games. He also hopes that cloud gaming will be the natural way of playing games in the coming days.

Also, Verdu talked about how their business model is different from Google’s Stadia model. Netflix will learn from Stadia’s mistake to make its platform more efficient.

Netflix was hiring thousands of cloud game developers recently. This gives us a hint that Netflix is planning really big to deliver the best cloud gaming experience. 

Recently Netflix launched two mobile games, “Into the Breach” and “Before Your Eyes”. Only 1% of its total subscribers were playing this game. 

We can’t predict how Netflix’s cloud gaming service would be or what games Netflix will add to its platform. We need to sit back and watch what the time will bring in front of us.

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