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Microsoft introduces PC Manager to optimize windows.

Microsoft is building its own version of CCleaner for the windows operating system. The app titled “PC manager” is on the way to enter. It will be compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 11. This app will give users overall system health. 

The new app is mostly targeted at low-end PCs. A single click will clear temporary files and help the computer run fast. 

Features of PC Manager :

Once Click acceleration 

Cleaning occupied debris and resources results in making windows fast. 

System Space management

The deep system cleans up and frees up large computer space. 

Comprehensive medical examination

Detect computer abnormalities, viruses detection, etc. 

Professional Virus Detection 

It has a built-in windows defender integrated into it. 

Browser Protection

The public beta version is on the Chinese market. You can see that app through the Microsoft subdomain pcmanager.microsoft.com. Note, this page is in Chinese. We could predict that Microsoft is testing this PC manager beta in China first. 

Most of the features included in the app are already there in O.S. Microsoft has included all of them in a single place. 

Many windows users use Registry cleaners for system cleanup and to increase the speed of their computer. Doing Registry cleanup can damage the operating system. For people looking for an alternative to registry cleanup, this app can be a solution for them. 

Though this is released on the Chinese market and even though the site is in the Chinese language, the application is entirely in English. You can download it through its site. This app was recently submitted to the Microsoft Store, though its listing is currently hidden.

Overall, this might boost little performance of the old PC. It may not have a huge performance gain for a high-end pc. However, integrating all features in one place surely helps everyone with frequent system cleanup. 

You can download that app through: https://pcmanager.microsoft.com/en

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