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iOS 16.1 launching on October 24 (Top 7 features)

Apple has released the RC build of iOS 16.1 and is launching the public version this October 24 with exciting new features. 

Apple recently confirmed a new iOS 16.1 update for iPhones. This plan is still in the beta phase and will go live only after October 24. This new update promises many improvements in the system and various bug fixes. Some of the top features of iOS 16.1 beta are as:


New Battery Indicator

The battery percentage indicator for iPhone 13 and 12 mini, is included in this version. The battery indicator is redesigned to be dynamic.

Clean energy charging

The next feature is clean energy charging. If you go to settings→ Battery and click on the ‘Battery health & charging’ option, you can see the ‘Clean energy charging’ toggle. Apple stated that, when the toggle is on, “the iPhone learns from your daily charging routine, so it can reach full charge before you need to use it”

Live Activity

You can control all your important activities right from your lock screen. Also, it has a live activities API feature where you can see your live activities from your third-party apps. This includes ride progress, food order progress, etc. 

iCloud shared photo library: 

Now families can share their amazing moments with a separate iCloud library where users can add up to 6 users. Users can view, contribute and share with ease.  

Apple Wallet deletion:

Now in this version, you can delete Apple Wallet apps including Apple Pay, Apple cash, and Apple Card. This is the first time Apple will let users delete Apple Wallets. When you delete Apple apps, then you can’t use those features provided by them. 

Preload in-app content:

In this update, we can see a new toggle inside the app store setting that enables you to preload app content. It will help pre-downloading the extra resource of some apps by running them in the background before users can first launch them.

Fixed Copy and Paste issue:

iOS 16 had irritating copy-paste prompts asking the user to confirm whether to paste after copying every single time. This issue will be solved in this update.

The RC build version had some lag for a home kit when you swipe down the control center. Some people even have seen flickering issues. Also, some users reported that they are facing battery drain issues. People also experience better performance than earlier builds.

Also, Apple has released iPadOS 16.1 RC, macOS 13 venture RC, watchOS 9.1 RC, tvOS 16.1 RC, and IOS 15.71 RC this week. 

This build is available for iPhones that can run iOS 16 version. I.e. iPhone 8 and newer. Once the updates are rolled out (on OCTOBER 24) you can directly update from the settings app on your phone. 

Note that jailbreak users should make sure to avoid this beta version, as further issues may arise for them doing so. 

Are you excited for iOS 16.1? Let us know in the comment. Till then, stay tuned with techpawn.net for further latest news.


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