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How to download torrent files faster with low seeds?

Torrent is really great for downloading movies, applications, etc. Sometimes, It can be a nightmare to download large files if it doesn’t have enough seeds. It would take hours to get the download done. There are different methods to increase torrent file downloading speed by configuring setup within your own torrent client and within your own system. But seriously, are they really fast? If you are searching for an authentic and easy way for downloading torrent files, then you are in the right place.

Most of us don’t have a high-speed internet connection. While downloading files, we might not get constant good download speed due to low seeds. So in this tutorial, we will use an online torrent cloud downloader that downloads from its own network with ultra-fast speed. We would use the Seedr platform for downloading our files.

Download torrent files faster

STEP 1: Go to Seedr.cc and sign up with a social account or email.

Seedr.cc homepage

STEP 2: You will receive mail from Seedr. Go and verify that.

Mail verification

STEP 3: You will be redirected to Seedr.cc dashboard. If not, then manually go to Seedr.cc dashboard.

STEP 4: Paste your magnet link of the torrent file on the box shown. Seedr might automatically pick up magnet links from your clipboard. Then click enter. 

Seedr dashboard

STEP 5: Wait some time till it generates the seeds. You can clearly see download progress (with speed) on the dashboard. 

Increased download speed

STEP 6: It would take a few seconds to download torrent files within their own server. Once downloaded, you can right-click on that file to see download options. If the file is in the form of a video, then you can stream right at your screen. Take note that you need a premium plan for HD streaming. 

STEP 7: Download torrent files to your local system from seedr server with a constant high download speed.

Increase additional space of Seedr.cc

Seedr provides 2.0 GB for the first signup. You can increase your cloud storage through online referrals, Twitter posts, blog posts, etc. up to 5.5 GB.

Increasing additional space

Not only with low seeds, but you can also use this online cloud downloader with the torrent file with high seeds too. This is the best and easiest method to download torrent files at high speed. Make sure you are choosing the best torrent source from a trustable site. This reduces having malware in your file. I hope you found this article helpful. Please share with your friends too.  Let me know if there is anything I can do in the comments. 

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