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Google acquired AI startup Alter to compete with TikTok

Amidst the widespread news of Musk acquiring Twitter, Google has quietly acquired a promising startup company. Recently, the tech giant bought the AI startup company Alter for a whopping $100 million. This move from Google might be to compete with TikTok in the short video market.

As reported by TechCrunch, a deal between two companies happened two months ago. The companies had decided not to make that deal public. The deal was made public last week. It was only known to the public after the chief operating officer of Alter shared his new position of “building avatars at Google” through his LinkedIn.

About Alter

Alter is a Czech and US-based company that was previously called Facemoji. This company had the backing of Twitter. This startup company uses artificial intelligence to create digital characters. The platform offers plug-and-play technology to help developers integrate avatars into their own apps. 

Not so long ago, Google started YouTube Shorts, which have become popular worldwide. Nearly more than half a billion people watch YouTube videos per month.

There is a prediction that Google will launch Youtube shorts for avatars. This prediction comes after Google’s acquisition of Alter. 

In recent years, Google has invested heavily in AI. Google is trying to integrate AI into all of its products. Not only software, but Google is integrating AI into the Google Pixel 7 phone’s processing core for better photo and speech translation. Google is also making investments in fields like extended reality. Recently, it announced that it will accept crypto payments in partnership with Coinbase. It will be no surprise if we get more AI and VR-related stuff from Google in the near future.  

Maybe Google brought Alter along with its big plan to dip its toe into the metaverse. At the same time,  Facebook is failing in the metaverse. Recently, the tech giant also bought microLED company Raxiom to enhance its AR efforts. Startups acquired by Google have mostly AI in their products. 

Alphabet is getting bigger and bigger with each acquisition. The tech giant is certain to rule this market for a long time. Along with time, newer and better innovations are provided by the company. Do you think the acquisition of Alter might just be the start of something big for google? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned with us for more of the latest news.

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