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Apple to launch foldable iPad in 2024

Devices with folding screens have already existed in the smartphone/tablet market since 2018. The Chinese company Royole invented the first screen foldable smartphone. Ever since then many smartphone brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and Samsung have actively created and upgraded their very own foldable devices.

Almost after 5 years the world’s biggest smartphone Tech giant ‘Apple’ is also going to take their footsteps in foldable smartphones. Apple plans on launching its very first foldable device by 2024.

The new Apple foldable

Apple has been sitting back relaxing and letting other tests approach everything. This time too, apple is doing the same tactics, apple is creating a better folding phone than their rivals and will launch soon. Samsung demonstrated huge risk by launching the Galaxy Fold model which was completely destroyed.  

CCS Chief of Research, Ben Wood said that Apple will dip its toes into the foldable market through the iPad to avoid technical difficulties. Apple doesn’t want its biggest-selling phone iPhone to fall back at any point. 

Apple is reportedly testing a new iPad with a foldable display. The iPad will have almost 20 inches of screen size and the users will be able to fold/unfold its screen with ease whenever required. The foldable display should be made of super thin glass while maintaining the quality and resolution of the display. Apple is working with the LG company to produce super thin displays that will be used in the new foldable.

Since Apple always provides the best hardware in its devices, this folding iPad is going to be super risky for apple. This is going to be super expensive to not cannibalize the existing iPhone. There is also a rumor that Apple will launch foldable MacBooks by 2026-2027 A.D.

5G and processor in a single chip. 

A16 Bionic chip

Apple designs its processor chip itself. However, this giant relies on U.S. chipmaker QUALCOMM for modems to connect internet. CSS Insight said that Apple is going to integrate the 5G modem into the ‘A’ series of processors for a single chip by 2025. 

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