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Apple is Switching to USB-C iPhones

Most smartphone companies have already rolled out USB C ports except one company, Apple. The rumor finally came to end with apple announcing to use Type C USB port over the lightning port in the next series of iPhones. Some analysts have claimed that Apple will start providing Type C ports on iPad only but now recently Apple confirmed that type C is coming to next-generation iPhones too.

Apple introduced lightning cable back in 2012 A.D with the launch of the iPhone 5. The lightning cable had replaced the classic 30-pin dock connector.

Recently the European Union passed a regulation that requires all mobile devices including tablets and cameras sold in the US to have compulsory Type C USB ports by 2024 A.D. For laptops, it has to be until 2026 A.D. Users won’t have to pay extra money on brand-specific charging cords to charge their devices. 

Recently Brazil has also raised the same issue. But they hadn’t marked out the USB C port as compulsory. 

Today’s android smartphones and laptops are already using type C connectors. The recent MacBooks and iPad as well come with the type C port for charging. Thus, this rule will not be a major problem for most android phone manufacturing companies. 

The main motto for making the type C connector universal is to reduce E wastage. Tonnes of E-waste is generated from the different cables each year. This problem won’t exist if there is only a single charging connector compatible with every device. 

According to Maltese MEP Alex Saliba,” One in three chargers that are bundled with the products are never opened”. This is one of the reasons for the extra E-waste generation.

Also at this conference, Apple decided that it will always keep iMessage to iOS only. 

Some reports claim that Apple iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will have higher RAM than their predecessors. Let’s wait and watch what the next-gen iPhone brings to the table.

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