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Activate Windows 10 For Lifetime (Safe Method)

Most of us have a Windows PC with us. But not all of us Windows users can afford to pay for the Windows product key for the lifetime activation of Windows. Yes, we can still use Windows without activating it, but we cannot access some of the features like “personalization” when Windows is not activated. There is also a message which says our Windows has not been activated, always in the bottom right corner of the screen. That message not only hinders our day-to-day experience but also always reminds us about not being able to buy a product key.

Many users, therefore, search for free and genuine methods to activate Windows once and for all. There are many articles on the internet that claim to provide a genuine and free method. Those methods might activate Windows for a limited time and also might flood your PC with viruses. Today, in this article, we are about to share with you the best method to activate Windows for free for a lifetime. This method is easy to follow and is also virus free.

Method 1

For this method, we use Powershell or cmd. 

Open Powershell or cmd by clicking on the start menu. 

Pro Tips: You can open PowerShell instantly by opening Run (Windows + R) and type Powershell. I am using Powershell for now, but you can use any terminal you prefer.

opening Powershell

You will see the Powershell terminal as shown below. Copy and paste the following script and press enter. 

irm https://massgrave.dev/get | iex

You will now be promoted to a window. Press Yes 

You will now see a screen as mentioned below. It has three activation options: HWID (permanent activation), KMS38 (2038 years), and Online KMS (180 days). Though the first and second options are both permanent in a sense, we will select the first option for now. 

Bonus: If you also have Microsoft Office to activate, then you can use the 3rd option for Microsoft Office activation too. It is also safe and free. 

As mentioned in the green highlighted text, press 1 from your keyboard. Within the moment after pressing 1 your activation process begins. The scripts perform some checks regarding OS to the internet connection key.  After a minute, you will see your Windows is activated successfully.

Congrats on your Windows activation. If you encounter any error, Please leave out comment below, and members of our team will instantly respond to your query. 

Method 2(Traditional Method)

Firstly, download the Microsoft activation scripts. This link is the direct download link and a zip file will be downloaded to your PC.

Now locate the previously downloaded zip file and extract its contents in this step. To do so,  use 7-zip software. You can download 7zip here. Note that it will prompt you to enter the password while extracting. The password is “1234”.

After that open the extracted folder and double-click on the “All in One” folder. Now you can see a file with a . cmd extension. Now, run the. cmd file. 

Congrats!! Your window is now activated with a digital license linked to your account. You can confirm by going to Settings > Update and Security > Activation 

Successfully Activated

You should now have an activated window on your device.

If you have ever thought about whether this method will work in the future or not. Be sure that there will always be an alternative way to activate windows without paying a single penny. Microsoft wants to have a large user base for its own operating system. So, they won’t close this loophole in their system. Fixing this means declining the number of Windows users. 


So these are the easy and detailed steps to permanently activate Windows, too, for free. Let us know if you have any questions regarding this tutorial. We will be happy to assist you. Please leave a comment below if you were able to activate your windows using this method. Your comments inspire us to bring many more interesting articles like this in the coming days.

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