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10 best Google Chrome extensions in 2022

Most of us use the Google Chrome browser on a daily basis. We all know how good a browser Chrome is if we know how to use it properly. The best part of Google Chrome is that it has a lot of extensions in its web store. The plus side of having many Chrome extensions is that you can customize your Chrome experience according to your preferences. However, some people might have difficulty choosing extensions. If not chosen wisely, such extensions can make your Chrome browser experience worse by slowing down the page load speed. 

Chrome is already a good browser; with these extensions, you can turn it into the best one. While surfing, we face many problems, from grammar errors to ads. Installing such extensions will surely boost the productivity of users to a much greater extent. 

Chrome Extensions: 

Here we present you with a small sampling of the top Chrome extensions that are available right now. 

Ghostery :


The first on the list is Ghostery, an ad blocker. Ghostery is by far the best ad-blocking extension on Chrome. It blocks all sorts of unnecessary ads that might disrupt your web-surfing experience. In addition to blocking ads, Ghostery can block trackers as well. The site loading speed is also slightly faster when the Ghostery extension is enabled.

Explore more ad blockers. 



Most of us are fond of writing. Be it articles, school essays, or important emails, the grammar in the writing should always be correct. The Grammarly Chrome Extension ensures that all our writings will have good grammar and correct spelling. This extension is more useful to writers, editors, and students.

Todolist :


This is one of my most frequently used extensions. Although there are many apps that provide to-do list options, having to-do lists integrated into browsers is another advantage. You can quickly note down the details without switching. This is ranked as the best to-do list extension by The Verge. You can add blog posts to your reading list, plan for today, and complete your tasks from the browser. Overall, it will boost your productivity. You can give it a try. 

Darkreader :


This extension is super useful if you are also a dark mode enthusiast like me. Even if we turn the dark mode on in our browser, it cannot enforce dark mode on all the websites on which we need to look on. Dark reader extension comes to the rescue in those situations. By enabling this extension, we can have a seamless dark mode throughout our browser, which makes our nighttime web surfing convenient and easy for our eyes.

Speed test by Ookla :

Speedtest by Ookla

Speed Test is a great extension made by Ookla. This extension measures how fast your page loads, its ping, upload, and download speed within a second. You have already used Speedtest.net. This extension is available in 17 different languages. Out of the existing ones, it provides more accurate data on your internet speed than others. Millions of people use this. This extension is not mandatory but might help you at some point. 

Hola Free VPN :

Hola Free Vpn

Nowadays, many people require a VPN. Many countries have blocked many sites like adult content sites, torrent sites, etc. With a VPN, you can access blocked content easily. However, in the market, there are many VPNs that claim to provide good internet speeds but fail to do so. With Hola free VPN, you can seamlessly surf the internet with good internet speed. 

Also, using extensions instead of an actual app can save you time. You just need a click to enable VPN from the browser. Another main advantage of using a VPN in a browser is that you can surf the internet in many locations if you have different browsers open at the same time. 

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HTTPS Everywhere

Https Everywhere
HTTPS Everywhere

This is an open-source Chrome extension that was developed by the Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It secures your browsing experience when you interact with other websites. Installing HTTP everywhere in Chrome extensions is generally the best practice and ensures protection from online threats and malicious code. Not only this, but it will protect your passwords and credit card details too. 

Though it protects it in most cases, it won’t guarantee that it will prevent you from site scams, as any site can use HTTPS and encryption. If you visit unsafe sites, then you need to install HTTPS everywhere or similar extensions. 

Avast online security

Avast Online Antivirus
Avast Online

Surfing the internet always comes with a risk of us clicking on malicious websites, and links and getting our PC infected. This extension is considered the best chrome extension for protecting users against malware, ads, and web tracking. This extension provides real-time data like total trackers like ad tracker, social media tracker, and web analytics. Millions of people rate their site experience in Avast, which in turn helps other users while visiting the same site. This also blocks invasive cookies. This extension only protects you from threats in the browser. 

Awesome Screenshot :

Awesome Screenshot
Awesome SS

While we surf the internet, we might actually see something that we want to capture and save for other times but cannot do easily and quickly. The awesome screenshot web extensions help you in those cases. Using the awesome screenshot Chrome extension, you can capture any part of the screen and also record your screen with just two simple clicks. This extension can surely help you, just as it is making web capture easier for three million users worldwide.

Google Dictionary :

Google Dictionary
Google dictionary

There are many instances while surfing the web where we see a new and unknown word and want to know what it means right away. In those cases, this Google Dictionary extension will be super useful. Just by clicking the icon in the toolbar, we can access a search dialog where we can enter any words and find their meaning instantly.

As mentioned earlier, we have plenty of Chrome extensions. The above extensions are mainly focused on daily internet surfing. According to your needs, you can install extensions as per your choice. Some extensions might be irrelevant to you, according to your profession. For e.g, if you are an SEO expert, you may need other extensions like Keyword Everywhere, UberSuggest, etc.

All the above extensions were selected based on our experience. Installing all the extensions might not be a wise choice. Installing many extensions may degrade your browsing experience and increase page loading speed therefore, only use those that you will use the most. 

You can use these extensions on other browsers like Edge, Brave, etc. For Firefox, these extensions won’t work. Note that, Firefox too provides great extensions in its web store, you can look over it too.

If you have any recommendations for our post or if you believe this list is incomplete, please comment your opinion below, See you soon. 

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